Keep Calm and Paint It Black

Paint It Black

Oh black paint in the home, what a polarizing topic. 

Some people like it because it’s mysterious and moody, and other shy away from it possibly for the same reasons as well. Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that the shade brings a lot of drama in anything it colors; just like little black dresses.

So even though black can have the effect of making a space feel smaller, and if you do decide to change your black wall into a different color it’ll be a pain to paint over, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider sprinkling a little bit of black “magic” into your home.

A black wall can hide your TV in plain sight. We’ve all appreciated a perfect looking living room and then boom—what’s a big, black, shiny rectangle doing in the middle of your wall? Somehow it just doesn’t look right, but thankfully a dark hue can blur that contrast between itself and the TV, and when your TV isn’t in use, it looks like it’s disappeared into the wall!

There’s something about black. You feel hidden away in it.

Sure, white walls can expand the space when it’s paired with natural light and high ceilings, but if you’re dealing with a scarcity in square footage both vertically and horizontally, white could end up looking dingy. A deep color blends edges of walls, so it looks like it’s a continuous, endless room. Just make sure to furnish the room with lighter-colored textures to keep it from feeling too dark. Alternately, you can place a mirror against the wall in a low-ceilinged room to make it feel bigger.

Paint it black and add a little elegance into your room.

When dark colors are paired with bright-colored accents like a painted furniture or a throw, it creates an illusion of depth and draws the eye to the forefront, making the dark wall a backdrop. Look into some accessories and linens that are in lime green, deep orange, and mustard yellow, which look great next to deep shades.

Finally, don’t be afraid to turn that bathroom black. If it’s small, it could benefit from a bit more drama, and it will work with the right accessories. Think a nice piece of artwork that works double to break up the space and as an object of interest.

Paint It Black


We love Velvet Finishes by Kellie Smith. The Luxurious finish and color are magnificent black. It’s perfect neutral black. It’s ultra matte and when dry, the finish looks like it has been buffed with wax. No primer or sanding needed for any home DIYs.

Black could very much end up being one of your favorite colors to use in the home, when done correctly. It creates an intimacy but also a certain kind of grandness to a room, even smaller ones.

Let’s face it, in 2018, Black is the new black.


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