Decorating Rooms With a Safari Theme

Animal prints and safari themes are a classic fashion favorite.

Adapting them for home décor can take your interiors from boring to exciting without overhauling the entire room.

In classic safari style, you’ll mix your animal prints with whites and other neutrals. Or could decide to go boho luxe and layer lots of pattern with lots of color.

Whichever you choose, animal patterns and prints can take your room from ordinary to glam. Some designers swear by having a touch of animal print in every room!

Here are a few ways to add some roar to your interiors.

Grab Your Binoculars and Start Decorating.

If you already love animal prints and décor with a wild edge, you’re probably someone who likes to go big or go home.

How do you feel about large animal prints in area rugs, for instance? We get it. You’re willing to make animal print the center of attention — you wild thing, you!

To keep things from getting too busy, consider adding some breathing room with solids for throw pillows, sofas or arm chairs.

Minimalists can have fun with safari style, too! The clean and simple pairing of black and white is classic, but if you’re looking to mix it up a little, giraffe prints are a fun way to go. Draw color inspiration from the print and use those colors on your wall, rugs, curtains or home accessories.

Giraffe Theme Decor Safari

Feel free to get a little quirky, too. Safari style doesn’t have to be too serious.

Just remember, mixing too many animal prints may NOT be the way to go.

Already using giraffe patterns? Hold off on the zebra striped rug or leopard print couch, unless you’re going for the full Jumanji.

There are tricks for mixing patterns though—harmonize through similar color schemes and change up the size and scale, and you can pull off that boho maximalist style.

Ideally, you’ll grow the room little by little, layering in new pieces, so that it takes on a “collected” look.

Create a Complementary or Contrasting Safari Setting.

This African Wall Cover from Boho Luxe Home is obviously not your classic Zebra stripe. It definitely makes a statement! If you’re decorating a more traditional space, rather than a modern interior, you can still get away with a grand gesture like this pattern, though. Use it as an “above the chair rail” wallcover or on a feature wall.

Wall art with a travel or organic theme can also add to the fun. Create a comfortable space to display travel photos and souvenirs and trinkets from around the neighborhood or around the globe. Natural objects like stones, feathers, seed pods and similar items can also add to the mood.

Safari Themes aren’t Just for Grownups!

Big stuffed animals in the nursery can be a fun addition to your little one’s room. Add in some fun wall art – maybe a framed map, for instance. It’s a great start to teaching kids about travel, exploration and the love of animals!

Even vinyl animal decals can help set a nursery mood.

But our thoughts are, even in the nursery, don’t go to cutesy. It’s never too early to learn great style, either!

** Featured Image via Boho Luxe Home

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