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Peek inside this curated-with-love house tours and you’ll find sleek architectural details and chic decor.

Welcome to Rover@Home‘s Best of House Tours roundup! From January through December, we are rounding up our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past year. Tag along with travel blogger, Melanie Honig. Discover chic and stylish accommodations from global house tours and get design inspiration for your own home.

Melanie‘s lust for travel heightens as the weather turns! She explores the world searching for inspirations that you can translate into decor. Her house tours take you through several different destinations—Venice, Borgarnes, Kauai, Asheville, Portugal, Sweden, Paris, Greece and more—highlighting trends in everything from home decor, and interior styles to the DIY world.


Ahh. Holiday Homes. Is there a more romantic concept? In a world where we get increasingly occupied, the freedom of having a place to breathe, only acknowledging the outside world if we feel like it, in a space both removed and beautifully peculiar, is a luxury to be taken seriously.

House Tours : Trullo House

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? Best Picks!

1. Gorgeous Swiss Vacation Rental with Mountain Views
2. Iceland’s Black House in Borgarnes
3. Charming Dragonwood Boat House in UK
4. The Castle-Romantic Mansion of the ‘500
5. Stylish Trullo House in Italy

Go ahead, tour these vacation rentals to discover amazing homes where you won’t want to close the curtains.


Rover@Home‘s featured hotel spaces take you through some of the most stunning hotel bedrooms, kitchens, living spaces, libraries, and bathrooms to provide an abundance of clever design ideas.

Iconic views meet swoon-worthy interior designs.

House Tours

Unique, eye-popping view is always a welcome perk at hotel tours. Properties that truly shine in their surrounding scenery. Fortunately, there are views that appeal to every kind of traveler, whether you want to gaze at a desert, beach, gardens and lakes, or centuries-old pleasure gardens. We’ve rounded up five beautifully-decorated hotels with some views to lust over, all of which appear on Rover@Home’s list.

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? Best Picks!

1. Minimalist Luxury Hotel in the Desert
2. Luscious London Micro Hotel
3. Florida’s Charm Tranquility Bay
4. Stylish Hotel Villa Crespi
5. Classically Elegant Belmond Charleston Place


If you think all Bed & Breakfasts are simply Victorian inns situated amid historic downtowns, you’re wrong. Discover off-beat properties that turned the traditional view of the quaint inn on its head. 

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? Best Picks!

Check out these two small inns from Bethlehem & Valence, See how they offer surprising takes on the classic B&Bs!

Now, channel these house tour ideas and inspiration to bring a little bit of wanderlust glamour into your home!


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