Not many places are as mysterious, vibrant, and beautiful as Marrakech. There’s an air about Morocco’s most popular destination that’s seductive, intriguing and exotic. The colors, sites and smells that are distinctly Moroccan are instantly recognizable. That means you can build a little riad of your own, a private spot to relax in, away from the hustle and bustle of life—in your own home!

Luckily, most of us have a spot like that already—and it’s our bathroom!

Start with these decor ideas and your bathroom will be a Moroccan jewel in no time.

Moroccan style is defined by exquisite details.

Handwoven rugs. Intricate bone-inlaid wood products. Vibrant colors and patterns in gold, red and blue. Calligraphy-inspired embellishments. Let’s start by bringing in some color.

Draw inspiration from the Mediterranean, off the coast of Morocco. Deep turquoise and other blues and greens pay homage to the sea, while oranges and reds are reminiscent of desert sunsets. Change up traditional bath mats with a colorful handwoven rug. Points if it’s DIY and upcycled!

Speaking of upcycling, you can create a Moroccan interior vibe by placing one or more colorful woven placemats on your boring bathroom countertop. It helps if they have geometric patterns, but plain ones will do just fine.

TIP: Moroccan-inspired interior design focuses on abstract and geometric patterns with both colorful and neutral palettes.

Swap out your plain bathroom mirror with a more intricate metal one. Include Moroccan art on the wall, a metal serving tray to hold hand towels or a cluster of metal vases on a window ledge.

Moroccan Interiors: Bathroom Decor Ideas
Boho Luxe Home: Moroccan Knot – Art Print on Metal

This Moroccan metal art from Boho Luxe Home makes a beautiful decorative accessory for any room in your home. Add some turquoise towels and a painted pottery vase and you’re halfway there.

Well-lit bathrooms are a must, no matter what your style! You can multiply the light you have by bringing in additional small mirrors and other reflective surfaces, like a hammered metal trinket tray or a bronze soap dish.

And what Moroccan oasis would be complete without a little bit of green?

Plants like aloe vera, bamboo, and snake plant all thrive in low-light bathrooms, while the gardenia, asparagus fern and azalea prefer a bright and sunny space.

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Just plant one in a mosaic pot or colorful basket as a tribute to the colors and textures of Morocco.

Last but definitely not least, finish your Moroccan style bathroom with the perfect scent.

Choose candles or incense that have notes of ginger, cardamom, rose water and orange blossom.

After all, what what’s more Moroccan than spice?

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