A More Luxurious Home With Velvet Furniture

We need little convincing why velvet home interiors are trend these days. It’s sophisticated, versatile, and it instantly upgrades a room with the softest touch of glamour. Conjuring thoughts of romance and richness, it’s hard to say no to the invitation it extends. We’re horribly guilty of that, but we’re not sorry! With this luxe-meets-comfort fabric, it’s not hard to see or, let’s face it, feel, why all rooms need a velvet staple, big or small.

1. Foot Fetish

velvet furniture

Imagine coming home from a long day and setting your tired feet on this perfect little ottoman. With velvet upholstery and nailhead trim, it’s so fancy we almost feel guilty it’s being made to serve our feet. That is, until our skin touches the lush fabric and then we feel like royalty. Turn it into a multi-use piece when company is over by placing a tray to turn it into a mini side table.

2. Divine Recline

velvet furniture
All our Moroccan decor dreams are coming true with this bohemian velvet sofa. Simple albeit luxurious, these oh-so-inviting cushions are begging to be reclined on. We love pairing these jewel-toned seats with patterned pillows, toss in a chunky knit throw and some tea and cookies, we’ll be sinking into them faster than you can say Marrakech.

3. Nap Partners

You know we’re right when we say the ingredients of a good nap are a comfy couch, a good blanket, and heaps of soft velvet pillows. These ones from Boho Luxe Home will work beautifully, and we are in love with the rich colors that will complement any couch. Honestly, all colors look amazing in velvet—just check out the fuschia, forest green, and golden ones. The removable tassels dress them up for maximum glamour and these are a must for the fanciest couch potato in the land!

4. Royal Seat

velvet furniture
How do we love green? Let us count the ways. It’s so fresh and cool to the eyes, and it comes in a myriad of tones and tints that vary from muted to striking. It’s one of the reasons why this velvet chair captured our attention. The green stands out and yet also complements the wooden table right next to it. We’ll let you in on a little secret: it’s actually a DIY chair, originally a brocade fabric painted with Velvet Finishes to yield this chair fit for a queen.

5. Velvety Dreams

It’s not like we need more reasons to stay in bed, but this velvet headboard is pretty convincing. The neutral-colored room is brought to life by the mix of prints on the throw pillows, curtains, and floor rug, while the wingback velvet headboard perfectly adds texture to the room. If you’re feeling extra indulgent (and why not!), grab some velvet blankets in neutral tones that will give your bedroom a soothing vibe. And because it’s velvet, you’re doing all that in the chicest way possible.

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