21 Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas

We took the saying “April Showers”  seriously this month – and planned a bohemian baby shower!

A special member of our Boho Luxe Home team recently had a baby girl! To celebrate her little one’s arrival, we threw a simple but stylish shower with a relaxed, boho vibe. No games, cheesy decorations, or fussy foods.

Here’s our bohemian baby shower, Boho Luxe Home style, as well as notes on who and what inspired us!

Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas

Our Bohemian Baby Decor

The baby shower took place in the Boho Luxe Home design studio. Our small working kitchen was perfect for food and floral prep and the space is pretty fun on any given day. In general, we believe in layering colors, cultures and pattern.  More is definitely more!

For the party, we needed to make things even more special.

Take a look at what we did for decor…

The mom-to-be needed a special chair, of course! A perfect spot for opening gifts – and being the center of attention.

This wicker peacock chair is a fixture in the studio.

To make it more festive for the day, we decorated it with our Boho Luxe Home Cowrie Shell Tassels, a one-of-a-kind vintage crewel pillow and a custom baby bunny, as well as garland made from scraps of Boho Luxe Home fabrics. Who wouldn’t feel like a boho queen on a throne like this?

Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


Guests sat in mismatched chairs, layered with decorative throw pillows. Fresh flowers on each table added even more color. What do you think of our purple, peach, green, blue and cranberry color scheme? Did we leave any colors out? We sure hope not!

Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


The dessert table was loaded down with sweet treats and adorned with a mixture of Boho Luxe Home fabrics. Goodies were a global mix, including Japanese mochi, Turkish Delight and lots of cakes and cookies! Sweets for the sweet, as they say!

Pictured below is a table cloth in Moroccan Knot and a bunting banner in Thread Bare.


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


Fresh wildflowers were everywhere!

We were groovin’ on these wildflowers captured in a glass cloche!


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


We were Inspired By…

When we started thinking about a boho celebration, of course we went straight to Pinterest.

Here are a few sweet ideas that inspired our own bohemian baby shower.

This floral backdrop from Petite Petal Company had us ooo’ing and aww’ing at first glance! Isn’t it beautiful?

(Those sweet treats were definitely easy on our eyes too!)


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


Although our baby shower was indoors, this seating option from 100 Layer Cake-Let gave us ideas, too.

We love how they layered vintage blankets over their outdoor chairs. Wouldn’t that be cozy on a cool late summer night? We can totally imagine doing something similar with kantha throws – or vintage quilts!


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


Look at this peacock chair, pillow, and flowers – how completely boho glam! So you know this vignette was a lightbulb moment!

We loved the entire setting – which we found via the aptly named Inspired by This.


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


This photo from 100 Layered Cake-Let captures the laid-back style that we were going for at our bohemian baby shower.

Ours was a small office shower, but for a big shindig, this is the direction we might have taken!


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


Moroccan Knot

Moroccan Knot is one of our more “feminine” Boho Luxe Homefabric patterns and we used it throughout our bohemian baby shower. Here’s one of our cozy round tables covered with Moroccan Knot fabric.


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


The vintage Metlox Lotus dessert plates are a perfect, super feminine touch! And here are more tassels, a fabric rose and a paper maché agave plant!


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


More Special Touches

We decorated a white wall using our cowrie shell clip-on tassels, as well some of our Tibetan yak wool necklaces. Suddenly, that plain white wall is no longer plain!


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


We added one of our Acrylic Art Block pieces to the mix, too. What’s more baby-perfect than All Love?


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


Other boho touches we like?

How about henna hands for the mom to be – or all the guests?


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas
Henna by Ella Wayfarer


An even simpler version is to purchase metallic temporary tattoos for everyone to play with. This one is by V and V Jewelers.


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


You could frame some photos of the honored guest/s and have them on display at the baby shower.  Scatter them with flowers, ribbons, feathers…whatever feels right.


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


A flower crown for the pregnant guest of honor will add to her obvious queenliness…


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


If you’ll be dining outside, hang some cafe lights and fabric bunting for added romance.



Keep the food simple. Hand held is good if you’re just doing hors d’ouevres. But even if you have enough table space for everyone to sit, keep things relaxed and focus on being together.


Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


For your buffet table, dessert or otherwise, play with height. Don’t serve everything off the same tray or plate. If you don’t own a footed cake stand, don’t worry. You can use stacked books or a plate balanced on a coffee mug – or any number of things – to add height variations. Make it personal!



Embellish EVERYTHING! Whatever your beverage choice – iced tea, cocktails, lemonade – don’t forget to garnish!

Bohemian Baby Shower Ideas


Well, we had a lovely time at our baby shower – we hope you will, too! And even though we didn’t  get to implement every single one of these ideas, we hope they’ll inspire you as much as they did us!

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